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What to Wear for your Autumn Family Photo shoot Session

Autumn family photos are the best! It is my favourite time of outdoor photography with the people I love.

The short days give us such soft, warm and beautiful light in the late afternoon that melds splendidly with the browns, golds and reds of autumn leaves of Warrington. This is the perfect time for a family photoshoot to create stunning images to treasure.

However, the greatest aspect is the incredible autumn clothing that you and your loved ones can adorn for a portrait to remember. An autumn photo shoot session offers a world of possibilities and often it is up to your imagination to decide what is right for you. For example, the options can range from textured jumpers, cardigans, scarves and denim to trendy boots, tights and coats.

Let’s face it, coordinating the outfits of an entire family can be a daunting task for the most of us, but it doesn’t have to be! Here is what you should consider:


Colour scheme

In my opinion it is a good idea to start with a basic colour palette and take the planning from there. You can begin by picking a neutral base and a few pops of bright colours or choose a colour and have the grownups and children dressed in shades of it. Remember, when it comes to selecting clothing it is typically easier to start with the female outfits because – let u sbe honest here  – the ladies are usually picky!  Therefore, start with your baby, daughter, wife and mother’s outfits, and then create a wardrobe around that style and colour scheme.

Anna Backlund Portrait photography

Layer it up !


Layers and textures create a visual effect and are simple to add or take away to give the outfits a different feeling. For example, articles of clothing such as shirts, vests, scarves, jackets, gloves and necklaces can be used. Moreover, when it is about textures you can blend various clothing materials such as corduroy, tweeds, crochet , lace or ribbons . Also, texture plays a significant role when transforming a photo to black and white.

Props that Pop

Props are incredible because they can add an element of merriment to your family photography session while also offering your hands something to do . Therefore, consider using a flower bouquet, basket filled with oranges or pumpkins , a favourite stuffed toy or perhaps a quilt made by grandma !

Family photoshot in the autumn Anna Backlund Photography

Family is best

Portraits in the autumn by Anna Backlund Baby and Family Photograher WarringtonAutumn Photoshoot in our town Warrington

Baby and Family Photography WarringtonPortraits in the autumn by Anna Backlund Baby and Family Photographer Warrington

Do Not Overdo It

As they say, the glory is in the finer details … Occasionally , less is more. This is because wearing that funky hair clip for the session is smashing, but you should not overpower yourself with accessories to the point of them becoming distracting. Moreover, pieces like headbands for the children are cool, but those monster bows will perhaps take away from your sweet little daughter.

If you are still bemused coordinating your outfits, do not sweat! Your photographer is there to facilitate. Let me know if you are stuck in a rut.

Get Comfy

Probably the bets tip I can impart: wear what feels right for you . This is of particular importance because the way you feel about yourself in a specific outfit will come through in the photography portrait session. It applies to baby, child and adult. Any questions please ask . abacklundphoto8@hotmail.com