• What’s it like working with Warrington Children and Family Photographer Anna Backlund?

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Your whole family playing together, being silly and having fun. Your children will be filled with joy as they play with their Mummy and Daddy, unaware of the camera capturing all of it.

Waking up and starting your day with a beautiful smile that fills your heart with love, because sitting proudly on your wall is the best SUNSHINE in your life: a gorgeous photo of your family, all together and happy. Just seeing this image everyday fills your heart.

A glimpse into your families future. It’s 30 or 40 years from now. You’re sitting on your sofa, surrounded by your amazing grandchildren. When they ask if you have any pictures of their mummy or daddy as children, you bring out your family albums and start to tell them stories.

As you show them the images and talk about the adventures you all had together, you feel heads snuggle in close and the warmth in your heart continues to grow. For the love of a new generation, who one day will sit with your Great Grandchildren, sharing the same stories and showing your beautiful heirloom albums.

loved our experience and will definitely be back

Anna was so reassuring when we arrived as a family of five which includes two teenage boys, too cool for photos!  Anna made us feel so welcome and I was delighted to have not only a stunning family portrait but lots of different photos of my three boys! Our dog had her photo shoot too…loved our experience and will definitely be back. 

Tracy Stamper – Warrington

A few interesting facts about me

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I’m Swedish & love to escapes to our Summer house in Sweden which is located in the woods.

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For 20 years I’ve been a youth worker, which is where my patience and skill of working with young people and kids comes from.

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I really enjoy cooking and walking in the countryside with my beautiful family

You’re invited to take part in an amazing adventure.