Experience a Fun Photoshoot in Warrington with Anna Backlund

Why it is important for me to keep the photoshoot short and sweet. (But fun!)

It is important to have a plan and discuss it with the parents before the photoshoot. I like discussing likes and dislikes of the children and where we are going to do the shoot and what props we are going to use, the child’s favourite toys etc. This all help with adding feelings, emotions and personality to the images.

During the session, I as the photographer, can  en work with the parent/s directing and guiding the children and playing games.

The initial consultation helps everyone as we then know what is expected during the session and we can keep it to a minimum length of time so we don’t tire the children out, especially if they are really young.

I believe a photoshoot should be styled and planned but fun more than anything, some posing may be included but in a fun playful way – I wouldn’t want any children saying they were bored during a photshoot with me !